SAP Solutions

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SAP Solutions

Al Qelada can assist you with the next generation SAP technology by offering a full spectrum of SAP based solutions that can be customized or tailored to meet the emerging technology cum business demands of large corporate to small and medium sized enterprises. Al Qelada is capable of delivering SAP solutions that covers the entire solutions life cycle and our mission is to provide enterprises with the flexibility responsiveness thereby helping them to transform their business leveraging SAP solutions.

Our legacy SAP solutions have evolved over time catering to business challenges thereby leveraging emerging technologies of the time. We combine our deep industry knowledge of SAP expertise and unsurpassed execution capabilities in driving breakthrough results. As a SAP implementation partner, Al Qelada has been involved in observing, learning, and applying SAP technologies to meet the needs of our clients and customers.

Our highly experienced SAP certified team would duly collaborate with you in providing their expertise in the right way to promote your business growth. SAP solutions as a single software suite can solve multiple sections of your businesses like Human Resources, Production, Planning, Sales & Marketing, Finance and others.

Al Qelada’s SAP Solutions helps you in achieving your business objectives quickly and efficiently as our solutions are based on our experience from projects with businesses of all shapes and sizes. In some case, we have developed our own industry specific solutions and add-ons that deliver considerable benefit to SAP implementation projects and software applied.

At the beginning of every project of our client, we go the extra mile for thoroughly understanding of our customer’s business processes to create a tailored implementation strategy to ensure fast, cost effective project completion.

Our innovative offering of SAP Solutions include-
  • SAP HANA Cloud Migration
  • SAP Consulting Implementation & Support
  • SPDD/SPAU Adjustments
  • DB Upgrade
  • H/W Sizing and Designing
  • SAP Net Weaver
  • SAP Leonardo
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning

    We understand the SAP suites like never before and help you in identifying areas in your enterprise where business innovation is crippled due to traditional SAP management models or tools. You can contact us for our unique SAP solutions-


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