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Retail Sector

Retail Services is an important participatory link of the overall distribution network of goods and services. Retail Services is performing a valuable function for the overall growth of global trade and commerce. The retail industry itself is witnessing a phenomenal shift due to the rapidly evolving technologies, changing customer expectations and emerging digital firms that are driving widespread disruptions.

The millennial generation is demanding rich retail experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected and engaging. With several forces coming together in revolutionizing the landscape through connected devices, software infrastructure, cloud enabled as a service and outcome drove digital platform.

Al Qelada operates the multiple continuity retail teams that transform your retail experiences and as an experienced retail service provider, we help you in navigating through this change and in implementing strategies that are built to win. Our retail technology platform provides our esteemed customers or clients a competitive advantage in store by leveraging innovative field merchandizing technology and in-store selling applications.

As your strategic partner, Al Qelada offers unmatched experience with the expertise in helping you get ready for an incredible and exciting transformation of your businesses. Our innovative and technology based retail services include the following types such as-


  • Retail Managed Services
  • Integrated Retail Planning Services
  • Retail Onsite Hardware Maintenance Services
  • Retail Enterprise Collaboration
  • Retail Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Retail Analytics Services and Solutions


Al Qelada as an IT firm understands that the existing retail landscape is facing a multipronged marketplace that is driven by technology advancements, brand variations, rising competition and soaring prices in addition to understanding the psychology of the tech-savvy consumer. We offer customized services and solutions to the complete retail eco-system. For more information about our retail services, – Contact us through email -

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