Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions or cloud computing services provides Information Technology (IT) services over the internet or through dedicated network servers with delivery on demand and payment based usage. Cloud computing services & solutions are bringing radical changes in the way of doing business and the way of using information technology by enterprises across the globe.

Corporate and institutions including government entities are using cloud computing services for a variety of applications and infrastructure usages such as a database, CRM, data storage and computing needs. There exist numerous varieties of cloud computing solutions and services with all having some basic features and benefits in common. These cloud-computing solutions are delivering IT resources within a short period sometimes in minutes by aligning costs to actual usage.

Al Qelada's cloud solutions and services enable organizations in designing, developing, integrating and launching effective cloud based applications. Al Qelada's cloud experts guide you with every stage of your cloud consumption strategy from monitoring to optimizing your cloud services regardless of your cloud footprint.

Our integrated cloud managed services and solutions are designed specifically to deliver to offer you a competitive advantage. Al Qelada's trusted cloud platform is capable of delivering by offering the most advanced, self-service automation offered by private and public cloud providers.

Al Qelada's cloud solutions help you in managing all of your cloud extended data systems irrespective of their locations resulting in a comprehensive coverage of your server, network and security devices. Our cloud solutions helps in defining your strategy and you can realize cloud benefits such as scalability, speed, flexibility & access and cost management.

Our range of cloud solutions and services include-


  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud –Native SAAS Applications
  • Cloud Application Services
  • Cloud Implementation Strategy
  • Cloud & Hosting Services
  • Full Stack Cloud Development
  • Cloud Migration Solutions

    So build a customized, agile and hybrid cloud infrastructure that integrates all of your IT assets wherever you are located with ABC’s cloud solutions. For further details about your cloud solutions, – Do Contact Us-


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